• October 25, 2021 1:04 pm
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Hello everyone!
Are you a college student, and want tou grow up your level in public speaking?🗣

This time is yours!@almaataenglishclub will hold an first time competition with a theme “*BETTER NATION WITH GEN Z TO REDUCE TOXIC MINDSET OF THE PANDEMIC*”
Make sure that one of you take a note of the registration flow, cause there are a lot of surprise🎉


📌 Registration, Manuscript Submission and Video clips 15 Oktober 2021 – 30 November 2021
⏰ Preliminary Stage Assesment 01 – 07 Desember 2021
⏰ Preliminary Round Announcement 09 Desember 2021
⏰ Final Round Appereance 13 Desember 2021
⏰ Winner Announcement 15 Desember 2021

*Registration Link*

🌐 *Guide Book*

📌More Information
Ig: @almaataenglishclub

📲Contact Person:
081228129648 (Prita Noviana)

✨Let’s Join To Speech Competition 2021!!!✨

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  • *Prize and Awards🏆*
  • 1st🎁 Rp. 1.100.000 and E-Certivicate
  • 2nd🎁 Rp. 850.000 and E-Certivicate
  • 3rd🎁 Rp. 700.000 and E-Certivicate
  • All participants get E-Certivicate

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